Bill Gates Funds Convert Vaccine Nanotechnology

Bill Gates Funds Convert Vaccine Nanotechnology

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months. It might accurately be called a “temporary castration” technology. Read more about it here:…

Now, the foundation has funded a new “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin. The technology is describes as a way to “…develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines.”

The research grant money is going to Carlos Alberto Guzman of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany and Claus-Michael Lehr and Steffi Hansen of theHelmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research.

These are both part of the Gates Foundation’s involvement in the “Grand Challenges Explorations” program which claims to be working to “achieve major breakthroughs in global health.”

…breakthroughs like mass sterilization and nanoparticle vaccines that could be covertlyadministered even without your knowledge, it turns out. These nanoparticles could be used in a spray mist that’s sprayed on to every person who walks through an airport security checkpoint, for example. Or it could be unleashed through the ventilation systems of corporate office buildings or public schools to vaccinate the masses. You wouldn’t even know you were being vaccinated.

This technology is potentially very dangerous to your health freedom. Using it, governments or drug companies (which are all the same thing these days) could create a vaccine skin creamthat’s handed out and described as “sunscreen.” But when you put it on, you’re actually vaccinating yourself as the nanoparticles burrow underneath your skin and burst, releasing foreign DNA inside your body.

A history of covert mass medication

But why would the government medicate people without their knowledge or consent, you ask?They already do it with water fluoridation. Fluoride is a drug, and regional and national governments all over the world are using the water supply as a way to deliver the fluoride drug to people whether they need it or not — and without any proper medical diagnosis or prescription.

So if governments are already covertly medicating people with fluoride in the water supply, they’ve set the stage mass-vaccinating people through similar channels, such as the air supply in buildings. And thanks to Bill Gates, this nanotechnology needed to pull this off is now being funded.

Is this really a “major breakthrough in global health?”

I suppose it is if you believe in covert medicine where you dose people with drugs or vaccines without their knowledge. Western medicine is so offensive to rational people that it can’t even operate out in the open. That’s why it resorts to covert contamination of the water supply in order to force the public to swallow its drugs.

Fluoride and covert medicine

Oh, by the way, to anyone who argues that fluoride is not a drug, remember this: According to the FDA, any chemical substance that has a biological effect on the human body is, by definition, a drug. Therefore fluoride is a drug, too.

Even more, fluoride is promoted with outlandish claims about “preventing cavities” by swallowing it, making it an “unapproved drug” according to the FDA. So how is it that this unapproved drug can be dripped into the water supply and forced upon hundreds of millions of people without a single diagnosis of fluoride deficiency or even a single prescription from a doctor?

The answer is that western medicine is so arrogant that it does not believe it needs to follow any rules, regulations or laws. It is a system of “bully” medicine where drugs are shoved down your throat by being covertly dripped into the water supply without your consent. So why should we believe vaccines will be any different? If mainstream medicine can find a way to force every person to unknowingly be injected with vaccines, make no mistake they will pursue it!

And such efforts will no doubt have the continued financial support of Bill Gates.

4 thoughts on “Bill Gates Funds Convert Vaccine Nanotechnology

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  2. While this article discussed Bill Gate’s funding of nanoparticles and the potential of “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” systems; and how such systems might covertly be used to spray nanoparticles to penetrate humans’ skin to administer vaccines, Not considered were the risks terrorists could potentially adopt nanoparticle delivery systems as a weapon of mass destruction to harm or destroy civilian populations. Not Addressed: in the past 50-years several vaccines have been discovered defective and recalled; what might happen should a government covertly spay millions of people with a harmful nanoparticle vaccine; how would a government explain it; would a government even admit to it? Who would pay medical costs of people injured by a covert nanoparticles vaccine?

    Importantly, governments and terrorists might adopt nanoparticles to covertly spray and penetrate the skin of civilian populations with biological or chemical agents that cause terminal illnesses or delayed death in terms of days, months or years. It might be possible for a government to spray civilian populations with benign nanoparticles—then subsequently years later spray from a plane or other means a (binary biological agent) to interact in people pre-exposed to earlier spaying of nanoparticles; a corrupt government could have power over life and death deciding which people they wanted removed before the second spaying…the binary agent. Covertly spaying nanoparticles could be used as a weapon by a government to eliminate civilian populations deemed a political or economic burden or for that matter any country. (Covert spaying or other delivery) of nanoparticles to penetrate human beings, animals or on any product foreseeable or intended for human or animal consumption should be considered Terrorism.

    • You make a very important point here, being that they already have been implementing Chemtrails within planes, we may never know when they change out their formula of heavy metals to this nano spray vaccine. In fact this is a great observation you’ve made here!

      Being that I’m not totally an expert in this field I would like to know what someone would say knowing more parts to the issue you put at hand! I gathered this information first from I really think you should post this in his blog also! Perhaps he will have something more to say about this then I do! But great observation… Really!


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