Rogue – Kells Irish Style Lager

These ratings and statements are purely my own, of course with beer or even foods, some people will love it, and others will not. So the best way to really know, is to try it. I will though offer you an idea of beers to stay away from, mostly because of the lack of quality from the brewers.

Brewer Rating: A+

Beer Rating: A


I first grew up drinking Michelob lagers – I first got my taste for lagers when they came out with the Honey version. It was excellent. But as my taste grew out of the box I soon realized Michelob kind sucked and over all lagers we’re not entirely my favorite beer because of the lack of flavor brewers allow into their beer, because of the certain audience they sell too.

That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed Kells Irish Style Lager – I give thanks to those drunken Irish who really know what flavor means in a beer. This beer gave a fantastic array of flavor and even a depth in the liquid – something commonly not found in lagers. I give this one an A for sure!


7 Ingredients: Great Western Pale, Crystal-15, Wheat & Acidulated Malts; Sterling Hops, Free Range Coastal Waters & Czech Pils Yeast.


Irish Style Lager with a smooth mellow flavor and an apple crisp finish.


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