Samuel Smith Old Brewery Tadcaster – The Famous Taddy Porter

These ratings and statements are purely my own, of course with beer or even foods, some people will love it, and others will not. So the best way to really know, is to try it. I will though offer you an idea of beers to stay away from, mostly because of the lack of quality from the brewers.

Brewer Rating: A

Beer Rating: B+


Porters have always been a favorite right behind Stouts, they are kind of a subtle kick in the mouth. If you happen to have a Porter and a Stout I always recommend drinking the lighter of the two, for if you go from a dark to a lighter, you will not be able to appreciate the disinct flavor of the second beer.

The Taddy Porter is a medium in strength – so it’s nice to relax to. Or better yet nice on a hot day.


Samuel Smith Old Brewery (Tadcaster) N. Yorks, England


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