Dreams of the Magus: Where Angels Fear to Tread – Get It Today!

Observe Yourself Again
Simranjeet Singh – What I have to say about Dreams of the Magus

G. Peter Madstone has taken concepts and idea’s that have been tossed around since the beginning of recorded history. But the reality of these idea’s and the reasons we act the way we do sometimes is pushed under the rug, with that we are confronted with a shadow self of our being that we continue to push away until we’re numb to the fact that these sides of ourselves truly still exist. So we continue to attract the things we dislike and situations which feel as we have no hope. In the idea of G. Peter Madstone we’ve created an invisible prison cell.

With a gentle push G. Peter Madstone will guide you through the levels of being you have forgotten about, the idea’s and the dreams that you had that you’ve pushed away will being to rush back as you consider his words as something more then just spiritual ideologies but certain facts that point in the direction of your true higher self. By unveiling idea’s of religion and set thinking we’ve allowed ourselves to stagnant in, just reading these idea’s will push the envelope and develop a new understanding for Spirituality and your internal growth.

Being only 5% of the United States population reads three books a year and 90% of those people being women and near half of them being romance novels – with this you can quickly see why it is so absolutely important to discover these idea’s, we’ve grown out of touch with who we really are! The great news is you can slowly emerge yourself into these new observations of yourself. There is much importance of reviewing his work and again questioning the reality that you think you live in. With this book may your life path grow ever more bright, because for the sheer questioning aspect of these words you will quickly start to create a new you and from there your goals in life will become ever so closer as you will walk lighter while discovering more of yourself.

So begin to observe who you really are again by reading Dreams of the Magus – in that a new perception awaits.

LISTEN TO Peter Madstone as he describes to you his message from Dreams of the Magus:


You can purchase this amazing book here:


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