Capricorn Week III – The Week of Dominance

January 10-16th

Zodiac Position
19-27 degrees Capricorn

Early Winter





Professional, Surmounting, Maintaining
Unheeding, Outrageous, Self-Sacraficing

The Capricorn III period takes Dominance as its central image. According to The Grand Cycle of Life, this period can be likenend in human terms to a person’s late sixties, when the wish to be dominant can manifest strongly. As long as such urges are expressed in technical areas, they are likely to bring positive results. However, in the personal sphere, the desire to rule the roost my cause strife with one’s life partner, who may be thinking the same way. Not uncommonly, such conflicts can be the result of both people having too much time around the same house. Successful elders focus more of this powerful energy inward — particularly in acquiring greater control over wayward emotions, wasteful impulses and unrestrained fantasy. The days that comprise Capricorn III symbolize the energy of the elder seeking to order his/her environment by making realistic assessments and hard hoices, while seeking greater comfort, happiness and fulfillment.

Many Capricorn III’s find it unnecessary to rise to the top of their field, or even to lead, as long as they can express their dominance within the day-to-day dynamic of their family, work or social group. Although ambitious types may well be born in this week, Capricorn III’s often reach a certain level in their particular circle and are content to stay there for the rest of their lives. They have tremendous diligence and dedication, which enable them to stick to the path they have set for themselves without being sidetracked.

Self-confidence is extremely important to the psychic well-being of Capricorn III’s. As long as they are not beset by worry, do not probe too deeply into their own motives or expect too much of themselves. they function well. A secret inferiority complex may plague them for years, however until they can prove to themselves that they really are worthwhile people. Some born in this week may be unrealistic about their capabilities, overrating themselves — a desperate attempt to deny their deep feelings of inferiority, and one that can only set them up for failure. Those with a poor self-image often still suffer from the negative attitudes of a disapproving or overly demanding parent in childhood.

When young, Capricorn III’s are prone to idolize an older figure of the same sex. As they grow more mature, they themselves are often cast in a heroic mold by others. idolizing and idealizing can build up the expectations surrounding Capricorn III’s to an unrealistic extent, again setting them up for the inevitable disappointment of a fall from grace.

A strongly moral attitude, and a tendency to divide the world into good or evil, are characteristic of those born in this week; they need to learn not to judge others or be so extreme in their views. The happiest Capricorn III’s are those who can take people as they are without rejecting them or laying on trips of guilt or shame.

Those born in the Week of Dominance are highly physical but not always sensuous or pleasure-loving. Some of them may make the overcoming of physical wants and needs their chief occupation, in fact, showing their dominance over their own feelings and bodies. Capricorn III’s can be severe in dealing with themselves and with those close to them, notably their mates and families. Yet they can generally be counted on for honest and straightforward opinions and advice. Rarely prone to unconscious self-deceit, they also have little interest in deceiving others; most often they mean what they say and say what they mean.

Capricorn III’s value service highly. They are competent and thoroughly professional, but their giving attitudes may make them too self-sacrificing, or vulnerable to exploitation. Although they are capable of learning from such experiences how to say no to co-workers and acquaintances, they may still be unable or unwilling to deny the demands of their immediate family. Years of devotion to a needy family member can not only drain them of their energy and deprive them of time for themselves but also ause the buildup of tremendous frustrations, which, inevitably, produce unhappiness.

Capricorn III’s are thoughtful people and can also be a great deal of fun. Their playful attitudes and scathing wit show their ability to put things in perspective and also to not take themselves too seriously. There is an undeniable streak of eccentricity in many born in this week. Although not overly social, they often like nothing better than an evening with friends, whether quiet or uproarious, depending on their mood. Capricorn III’s enjoy being part of a group, sharing experiences and conversation with several individuals equally; they are less prone to have one single best friend. They are often attracted to team sports, hobbies or club, and may contribute wholeheartedly to the planning and maintenance of such organizations.

In their careers, many Capricorn III’s are hard workers. They often get their biggests kicks battling against high odds — for example, by struggling to over come physical disabilities. Others born in this week are more realisitic in the projects they take on but nonetheless show workaholic tendencies. A vivacious and interesting mate can be good medicine for those born in this week, taking their minds off career concerns and allowing them to relax and have fun. Capricorn III’s often need someone at home who can lighten their mood when they walk in the door.

Although responsible, Capricorn III’s are not dull by any means. Many born in this week have an arresting, even electric demeanor that can be highly Charismatic, or at the very least can cause others to watch them in wide-eyed astonishment. Those born in the this week rarely try to be outrageous, but they often wind up like that anyway. Capricorn III’s are often unaware of the effects their statements and actions have on others, and basically may not care either. They don’t feel rejection keenly, partly because they know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, partly because they generally don’t have a great need for the approval and acceptance of others. Self-contained, those born in this week must be careful not to keep too much under control, stifling their more expressive side.

Don’t be afraid to take chance. If you do not dare to fail you may not achieve your true heart’s desire. Your insistence on security may be misplaced at times. Try to be more flexible where the feelings of others are concerned. Do not assume that your values have absolute or universal application.

Capricorn III Notables:

Faye Dunaway, George I. Gurdjieff, Aristotle Onassis, Martin Luther King Jr, Alexander Hamilton, Joan of Arc, Howard Stern, Dian Fossey, Gwen Verdon, Yukio Mishima


One thought on “Capricorn Week III – The Week of Dominance

  1. This is so, amazingly, true. The “electric energy” and my knowledge that I am not everyone’s “cup of tea” are so relevant in my life right now.Wondering how the week of dominance pairs witb scorpio rising….anyone have insight?

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