Money Meditation – Golden Dawn by Wayne Jones

How to get rich beyond your wildest dreams?

Here´s the first step on changing your money karma to positive once and for all! Everything in this universe is made of energy and that includes money. So what you have to do is tune yourself to the vibration/frequency of what you desire by re-programming your mind out of scarcity in to abundance mentality and using intent & visualization. Doing that will attract the thing what u want in your life like a magnet. One of the best ways of doing that is using your imagination or tools like this to embody the feeling of having what you want right now in THIS MOMENT and being grateful for it !

Relax, visualize and be thankful for the abundance of wealth coming your way, every day. Repeat this as often as you feel good and release that feeling by pursuing your dreams with perseverance and following what your heart tells you. The energy will express itself to the world around you and manifest itself in physical form. Make the manifestation even more rapid and powerful by helping others in what they need, without expecting nothing back (unconditional love)…

Remember what you reap is what you sow 🙂

May all of your dreams come true ^^

(Song Golden Dawn by Wayne Jones & Amy Hayashi-Jones from Lifescapes Relaxing Orient)

A Beautiful Soul – for Heidi by Simranjeet Singh

This was taken from the Leadership Cruise. At the same time I took this picture I invited one of the most beautiful souls to dinner on the last night of the cruise – I wish I could have got to know her earlier in the Cruise, but it was a life changing weekend, not just because of the speakers but the people I met as well. I actually wrote this piece of music my self for Heidi … it’s a little off but I’m sure only a few will catch it .

I actually had to record this without being able to hear it my CPU couldn’t do play back while recording.

BUT… I believe it came out well!



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