Muse – Uprising


Mohanna on the Global Information Network Cruise – Dr. C Song!

Pick your version!

Mohanna at the Cruise!

I gave her some information to post a HQ version of her Dr. C
song on here… So I’m hoping to see her do that soon. Till
then 🙂 enjoy!

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Team Rocker Fellas Curling #1 in Colorado @ the Ice Ranch

Team Hammers – which may or may not be changed to – Rocker Fellas – the Colorado Curling Team is #1 at the Ice Ranch in Littleton Colorado, We’re heading to Chicago April next year for Nationals then on to Michigan in March when we smash the competition for finals! – I’ll keep you all posted if you’d like to come watch your original Curling team of the Global Information Network 😀

Should super fun!!

(or at least me for the moment) Go Jedi Masters!