Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields

Hungary has taken a bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto and genetic modification by destroying 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, according to Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar. Unlike many European Union countries, genetically modified (GM) seeds are banned in Hungary. In a similar stance against GM ingredients, Peru has also passed a 10-year banon GM foods.

Planetsave reports:

Almost 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds have been destroyed throughout Hungary deputy state secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Lajos Bognar said. The GMO maize has been ploughed under, said Lajos Bognar, but pollen has not spread from the maize, he added.

Unlike several EU members, GMO seeds are banned in Hungary. The checks will continue despite the fact that seed traders are obliged to make sure that their products are GMO free, Bognar said.

During their investigation, controllers have found Pioneer and Monsanto products among the seeds planted.

The free movement of goods within the EU means that authorities will not investigate how the seeds arrived in Hungary but they will check where the goods can be found, Bognar said. Regional public radio reported that the two biggest international seed producing companies are affected in the matter and GMO seeds could have been sown on up to thousands of hectares in the country. Most of the local farmers have complained since they just discovered they were using GMO seeds.

With season already under way, it is too late to sow new seeds, so this years harvest has been lost.

And to make things even worse for the farmers, the company that distributed the seeds in Baranya county is under liquidation. Therefore, if any compensation is paid by the international seed producers, the money will be paid primarily to that company’s creditors, rather than the farmers.
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Hey everyone as you might have figured if your a regular visitor to the site I have stop my posting for quiet awhile.

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No worries because what I have up my sleeve for the rest of my time here on Earth will be much more then this site could ever do, so I will always have it here for information gathers to keep researching and compiling their own theories of what’s going on.

Either way, I thought I’d let you all know what’s going on.

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Eating Raw food CURES Diabetes?? — Uh can you say that?

I first saw this movie awhile back but saw
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γνωθι σεαυτόν

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They’re all featured in the powerful raw
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And it’s all part of the Simply Raw video
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Reality Programming – My 1000th Post at

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this site what it is with your great recommendation and vast knowledge. Also to those who have e-mailed me their appreciation of this site I’m grateful to know individuals find great use from my work.
-Nathan J Scheer / Simranjeet Singh


New From Our Government: An Uber Agency to Support the Uber Cartel

Just in the past few weeks government agents have ordered 50,000 pounds of heathfull, natural RAW milk cheese destroyed… served subpoenas on an audiology center questioning a 50 year-old therapy that may be of benefit for autistic children… took a child from an Oath Keeper… issued a new joint FDA/FTC warning letter to a homeopathic formulator… threatened to put another “Rife” frequency generator purveyor in jail… and the DoJ continued asserting in court that citizens have no standing to seek redress against regulatory excesses.

The joint FDA/FTC warning letters, which are becoming readily used by the agencies, are a new and ominous development, suggesting a serious ratcheting of the pressure on natural solutions.

Are you worried yet… if not, consider these recent news articles: the Gates Foundation invests millions into Monsanto, the biggest of Big AgraBiz and Monsanto invests in, and purchases, Xe (formerly Blackwater) a private army… are you worried yet?

What does all this mean? It means the combination of the Bigs, the Uber-Cartel, empowered by billions in taxpayer “stimulus” is stimulating a major increase in government intervention in natural health and natural foods… not for the benefit of these areas of voluntary human action, but for the purpose of supressing and repressing alternatives (we assert “advances”) to the failed Big Pharma and Big AgraBiz models.

Just as the Trillion Dollar Bankster Bailout was designed to protect those special interests, but not the homes and jobs of millions, the recent attacks on natural solutions show “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object [which] evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” – Declaration of Independence

What can you do about the Uber Cartel?
Here are those Action Items so you can take them and share them for others to take:

Send Congress 4 Push Back Messages:
“Don’t You DARE!”
Use the Action Items Below; Email Everyone You Know Urging Them to Do the Same and Forward to Their Contacts!

Stop S.510! Stop S.3767!

NO! to S.3767: Support the Food Freedom Amendment Instead!

NO! to GMOs

NO! To Forced Vaccination

That’s why our visits to their offices when we come in groups, armed with the talking points, are so very important.  That’s why viralizing the Action Items (see above) and the Talking Points (see below) is so very, very, important.

NO! to FOOD FASCISM Talking Points

GMO DANGERS Talking Points


OF COURSE they are attacking us! If you were the Uber Cartel and the other side were this successful, wouldn’t you attack them this way if you had no scruples and no desire to see anything like freedom for anyone but yourself?

We can only take this level of attack as a powerful confirmation that we, you and the Natural Solutions Foundation, are exerting a meaningful force against globalization, genocide and the contamination of our food!  And that is why we cannot let up!

Yesterday I was a guest for 3 hours on the Mike Chambers Show.  Literally every time I began to speak in-dept about the intentional contamination of the US food supply and the genocidal underbelly of this plan, or about vaccinations and their part in the genocide, the connection was lost and Mike was on the show by himself.  Listen here,, to decide for yourself if it was random or regulated.  Much the same thing happens in our Dr. Rima Reports show every Sunday morning from 10 Eastern Time to 1 PM at or to listen with live chat,

When we talk with Mark Lerner, a leading advocate against the Real ID biometric version of state intrusion this Sunday, October 17, we’ll see if the same thing happens!

Frankly, Let’s Be Clear About Something:

The Natural Solutions Foundation cannot operate without your support.  Right now, half way through the month of October we do not have enough funds to go to the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses meeting in Chile early in November.  What that means is that you will be, where Codex is concerned, blind and deaf. Your eyes and your ears, Gen. Bert and I, will not be there bringing you the real scoop, not some watered down, balsaamic happy nonsense. But to get there, we need your support. Now.

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