Scotland Exposed by Robin Williams + Some Scotland Facts

Scotland has a rich cultural history much of which is preserved in historic buildings throughout the country. It is a compact country, and travelling around by bicycle is a perfectly feasible proposition if you have the time. It is a beautiful country, situated in the north of the United Kingdom. It is generally a very safe country to visit. Scotland is on my list on places to visit in the coming weeks.

Scotland has a very large financial services industry. It has more than 440 golf courses, many of them municipal courses open to everyone. It has three major geographic regions. It has a temperate oceanic climate. Scotland could choose to use Sterling the US Dollar, the Euro, the Yen or any other currency.

Scotland is famous for exporting many wares/foods that will inevitably destroy your body. It is relatively expensive when compared to some other European countries. It is 78,133 square kilometers in area. It is full of farmers markets with fresh produce at your fingertips. Scotland is separated from England by the Tweed River, the Cheviot Hills, the Liddell River, and Solway Firth.

Scotland is also involved with motorsports. It is my favorite and it inspires me to to try out different shots on my gallery. This meant the Scottish were not affected by the Romans in the same way the English were.

Advertisements was Hacked – Here’s an Update

Hey everyone as you might have figured if your a regular visitor to the site I have stop my posting for quiet awhile.

1st reason, I have other projects that acquire most of my intention

2nd many of my major posts that we’re getting a lot of attention have been removed from many search engines and are not really accessible through them… So I let the site go for awhile until I can get things back to normal… If not, the posts are still here on the site, they are just not receiving the attention they deserve. The site went from 250-300 original visitors a day down to 15-80 a day within 1 single day… which pin points that some people didn’t want this information to been seen. Duh.

No worries because what I have up my sleeve for the rest of my time here on Earth will be much more then this site could ever do, so I will always have it here for information gathers to keep researching and compiling their own theories of what’s going on.

Either way, I thought I’d let you all know what’s going on.

I’ll be around

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