Disney Movies Exposed – UFO, Sexual Subliminals & Occult Symbolism Discovered

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The word Disney has sparked warmth and joy in every child and grown-up since the conception of Walt Disney’s dream. This dream to the public is to inspire and bring joy, fun and laughter to an average day. But there has been something darker that has lurked in the shadows of this Free-masonic Corporation. This “debate” has been something that skeptics and believers have been going back and forth for awhile now.

This article and the links that are associated with this article will PROVE to you that symbolism and subliminals have been something that Disney has been using since the very beginning of their cartoon works. So within this I’m going to help you understand key points about what Disney really is. It’s been proven this individual (Walt Disney) held the highest degree in the Freemasons which is the 33rd degree. He even has a secret house in Disney Land that is restricted to the public – house number 33.

Well your saying… George Washington was a Freemason? I’d say to you, your absolutely right, but many of our founding fathers we’re apart of this Sects and organization, just like Benjamin Franklin was apart of the Hell Fire Club in Europe. But one thing you must take into consideration is that they also pleaded that the Masonic temples be shut down, because of infiltrators which Albert Pike a head man of the Freemasons so executed through with Illuminati plans.

So while you can think about that, I would like to get into the pure aspects of this and where these claims are at. Many people that have followed these movies through out their life’s most likely came into contact with the Aladdin and Lion King Subliminals. If not I will be showing these and others in real time at the bottom of this page. But if your not familiar, in Aladdin when the main character is trying to swoo the princess up on the Balcony in-between the tiger coming to growl at him you hear not so quietly.

“All good teenagers take your cloths off”

In the Lion King, Simba when he was grown up goes to a cliff and lays down. When he lays down he hits the ground and flowers/dust go into the midnight sky and the word SEX is clearly in front of everyone for long enough for anyone to clearly see. In many movies we find Free-masonic symbols, like the all seeing eye, the box, black and white floors and two pillars, even Satanic pentagrams which is often seen. But coming back to it, the word SEX is prominent in most ALL Disney programs. As well as promoting domination and sexual prowess, as well as talking down on those who are not “picture perfect” in society.

Diabolic hand signs are also seen through out Disney movies. So why would they do it? It comes down to subconscious manipulation through below conscious threshold with images and sounds. These are not just used by Disney, McDonald’s has been known to use sexual subliminals in their advertising. So while some may say, “kids don’t even know what sex is most of the times while watching these movies”, I would say to you, your right. But this is called an Anchor in NLP, as children we always felt really really good when we watched these movies. We’d watch them over and over and over! Anyone who has ever baby sat or had a kid, you noticed these to be a pretty regular thing for children to do.

This good feeling can now be used in other subliminal advertising, now when McDonald’s uses a subliminal, these two feelings link together to create a longing to complete the “feel” good emotion through their product. Again this spreads out far and wide. Through these video’s they also promote homosexuality to both sexes. This causes a stir within communities. The government and these societies KNOW they are doing this. The main battle weapon of these people have been “Divide and Conquer” since the very beginning of this secret war with man kind.

Inside society people fight, bills are passed and great controversy is created to cause chaos within the people and focus attention else where, while they slip other bills and laws into the normal every day lives of people. The occult symbolism is massively over looked, many people think Hocus Pocus about these symbols, but all of them have power over the subconscious mind as well, to instill power, strength and everyone after reading this can start to discover this symbols in every day life.

The power of Zodiac symbolism used in marketing/advertising as well as company logo’s. Saturn is a primary logo that most companies use. The swish around their logo (Which Dairy Queen just changed to here recently) represents the rings of Saturn, Saturn is the planet for the Zodiac Capricorn. Capricorn represents “The Highest Point” or “The Best”. These symbols have been used for thousands of years, back to the ancient Egyptians to the Sumerians/Babylonians. These symbols are also created from Sacred Geometry which is the basis of existences everywhere in our Universe and dimensions!

So now even with this short explanation of Disney, doesn’t it make you just a little bit curious to see if these are real and do exist? Well you should find yourself wondering right now, if you should let your children or children you know watch these or any type of TV any more. A battle is on for the minds of you and your children, your children can’t make the decision to stop, that is a decision that is all yours. Discover today exactly what’s been in front of your face all of these years, beckoning from the shadows into your subconscious mind.


Satanic Disney-Illuminati Hollywood-Witches Mountain

This is a very interesting video – But for the record don’t believe that every symbol disney or movies use = EVIL or Satan. In fact many of the symbols represent good things as well as bad things. Some are of the way symbols are used and where and at what times.

But either way, these symbols are real, they are connected and Disney Corporation does use them! So please take a look for yourself!

See more of this type of symbolism in the rest of the media:

For a note here: those who think that $9.99 isn’t really that big of deal, you find it interesting that they’ll still use $9.99 when $9.97 – $9.79 and other odd numbers placed in a purchase price actually has higher conversation ratio then just a straight $9.99…

Something to keep in mind that might mean something more by big corporation.
Do keep in mind some of these are not as a big of deal then some others. But it’s a great way to show that these corporations + movies do show the same type of information.

Disney’s Occultic Secrets

Discover in-depth information regarding where Disney and the symbolic symbolism and history that runs back hundreds to thousands of years ago. Symbolism inside this documentary video will expose to you fimilar historic lessons we we’re all thought, but gives a light to the real information within.

Then finally ties all this information in the end to help you see that Walt Disney and the occult ties have been proven to no doubt. While going through this and then the rest of this section of http://www.Simranjeet.com – you will discover they move all of this knowledge into their movies for children.


UFOs: Disney’s Video ‘Alien Encounters’ Disney’s intriguing video shows powerful evidence of aliens and UFOs


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The Lion King– “SEX & LIES” Subliminal Messages

still believe that DISNEY is an innocent, pure family-fun entertainment medium for kids? i used to think so, but after all of the eye-opening videos i’ve seen, it has convinced me that DISNEY is corrupting the minds of our children by using SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES in their movies. hence, The Lion King!