Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #6

Trapped in a tunnel of absolute uncertainty, losing your job, you and your kids switch roles. Now they take care of you, and it’s all because one day a drive by shooter kills your soul partner. What would you do? Tony Robbins takes a man whose life was ripped from him and is now homeless and takes him and his children to a new high point.. Both literally and mentally. This is a tear jerker just to witness how remarkable the skills of suggestion and will power can be on a human soul.

TR is an angel to many, and just witnessing these changes makes me grateful to know there are people out there that cause a change for the better. The more that I view these great changes I can see that even though what I do on this website matters, it doesn’t matter as much as how important controlling your life, where you can take pride and move love on to yourself and your family.

This energy even though control through means of an ever growing New World Order is THE energy that will also bring it to it’s knees. It’s important to know thy self and to push your limits.



Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #5

A family has been torn apart by a woman’s dream to become a singer, in fact, this woman won a competition for Nashville singing (a TV series) – but in the drama and excitement of it all, she had neglected her kids and also her husband. The pain from her husband not being able to see her for 3 months (not even talk to her) – created a huge block and it led him to an affair.

Tony Robbins quickly removes the ill patterns and creates harmony again within this family. Feel excited to know that anything is possible. Discover exactly what happens as he does it again!


Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #4

A couple struggles to find their connection through what in the past use to look like a ill misfortune as well as a life changing event for the worse. The Smith family almost lost their beloved young daughter one day – she ended up coming back. But Mandy the mother of this child could not ever get this event out of her head. She would dominate over her husband and make sure the kids we’re always by her side.

It destroyed her relationship as well as her career as a medical assistant. Discover how Tony Robbins turns everything around for her and gets her to finally function and maintain a life worth living. Mandy finally realizes that this “misfortune” was really the day of the “gift”.


Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #3

Juaquin Hawkins was a professional basketball player who had a stroke and lost all faith after being kicked from his team. He was someone who came from fame and glory with a paycheck to boot. This man discovers how to regain faith and strength in what he is passionate for, his family. Over coming challenges of feeling that he is lowering himself by accepting anything but basketball, Juaquin finds that it’s not his place in fame that created his happiness it was his abilities to be present for his wife and children, while also supporting them through the source of working for a paycheck to start his uphill climb to his newly formed dreams.


Tony Robbins Breathrough Episode #2

Can this couple’s fears, doubts and worries melt into something great, to be over come by a shift in their awareness, of what is truly important to them? In today’s economy this couple is just around the bend from each and everyone of us. Of course not everyone will be given this opportunity to grow. But a simple observing of their paradigm shift can have a lasting effect on how you and those who are this position can again see what is truly important to them which is always who they love and care for deep down.

I invite you to witness a change that will touch your heart and hopefully help you get in touch with what is your greatest love in this world. For all the money in the world can not buy what has happened to these two, and you will see it in their faces as they again believe that anything is possible.

Be prepared for change,

Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #1

Discover the greatness that Mr. Robbins has been spreading to the world for over 30 years. Here is his NEW television series Breakthrough. As you watch this you’ll be amazed how such a problem as this couple has faced could turn out to be so miraculous and inspiring. Tony Robbins has again shown that you can push out of your rut and move on to be who you want and desire to be. NO MATTER WHAT the situation holds. Your dreams can always come true… You can have, be or do anything you want in life.