Book of Questions #9

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Would you accept $1,000,000 to leave the country and never set foot in it again?

My Answer:
“Absolutely not! There’s more opportunity to stay. Plus there’s a lot of work that needs to be done
here so there’s no way I would accept any amount of money for someone to try to get me to leave!”


Book of Questions #6

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You discover your wonderful one-year-old child is, because of a mixup at the hospital, not yours. Would you want to exchange the child to try to correct the mistake?

My Answer:

Yeah I’d work to get my real kid back. I guess I’m like a royal elite – the vibrational DNA changes because of parents and their vibration, I’ve worked on myself since I was 12 years old consciously. So not to say the kid I raised till that point wouldn’t have a chance to change and learn… that’s not it. — If I had the chance to do something else. I would get my kid back and not give the other one away ;)”

Book of Questions #5

– Feel free to answer these through comments or just think about it and answer it to yourself! –

If a new medicine were developed that would cure arthritis but cause a fatal reaction in 1 percent of those who took it, would you want it to be released to the public?

My answer:

No. There is ways to¬† help arthritis and it doesn’t kill any body there are three parts of arthritis Rheudmatoid Arthritis, Gout & Osteoarthritis – here’s ways to help arthritis:
Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Bodywork, Chiropractic, Diet, Raw Food, Environmental Medicine, Detox, Exercise and Physical Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Juice Therapy, Microcurrent Therapy, Nutritional Supplements…

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Book of Questions #4

– Feel free to answer these through comments or just think about it and answer it to yourself! –

If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience would you do so? If not, why not?
My Answer: “I would not! This type of theory for me reminds me of people on happy drugs like perscription pills… I’d rather ride the roller coaster of life and create my own happiness. This all comes down to the teachings of the Kabalah. Where we came from was this “perfect happiness” freely given to all no matter what. But, as describe in an Audio book that I listened to awhile back. It’s like god keeps coming to you and giving you $10,000 or what ever large amount of money everyday forever! You’d at a point want to give back to god…. But god has everything already so you can’t give him anything for the kindess. So to be able to give back to god, Satan was created (or the chaos/shadow behind the light). This created a playing field where everyone can be “given” whatever they want! But now, they have to earn this love and this way people can give back to “god” (or in a non “religious” sense: Being happy about life!). – This is why I wouldn’t do this, because there is a reason both sides exists, the opponent “satan/shadow/chaos/bad things” keeps you moving, keeps you growing! AS LONG.. as you see everything as a good thing and to your advantage!”

Book of Questions #3

– Feel free to answer these through comments or just think about it and answer it to yourself! –

If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone or people in general? Why haven’t you told them yet?

My Answer:

“My regret would be that I hadn’t yet broke my internal barrier that tells me to push out to others in my charasmatic real self. To give people the real me in all situations and events, to offer everyone I ever come into contact with someone that know will be truthful and sincer to them for the person they are. I suppose it’s not as much as a regret or some one thing I feel I need to say. It more of myself being released to the world. Cause I know I’ve been here before, I shouldn’t be so recluse… If I had a real reason to say why I am… Year of the Ox – Week of Dancers and Dreamers effects me. BUT I know you can over come Zodical Ego and move into your real self.”