was Hacked – Here’s an Update

Hey everyone as you might have figured if your a regular visitor to the site I have stop my posting for quiet awhile.

1st reason, I have other projects that acquire most of my intention

2nd many of my major posts that we’re getting a lot of attention have been removed from many search engines and are not really accessible through them… So I let the site go for awhile until I can get things back to normal… If not, the posts are still here on the site, they are just not receiving the attention they deserve. The site went from 250-300 original visitors a day down to 15-80 a day within 1 single day… which pin points that some people didn’t want this information to been seen. Duh.

No worries because what I have up my sleeve for the rest of my time here on Earth will be much more then this site could ever do, so I will always have it here for information gathers to keep researching and compiling their own theories of what’s going on.

Either way, I thought I’d let you all know what’s going on.

I’ll be around

Check out my other project

The Global Information Network


Acme 420 Magars


Reality Programming – My 1000th Post at

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this site what it is with your great recommendation and vast knowledge. Also to those who have e-mailed me their appreciation of this site I’m grateful to know individuals find great use from my work.
-Nathan J Scheer / Simranjeet Singh