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About Health & Economics of America and the Mission Statement

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Note: Please know that this blog was first a collection of work at the site http://www.health-e-america.org, I no longer use this site for my major work as I found that blogging is so much easier to do! I also changed the website name to Simranjeet, although outside the internet I work as Health & Economics of America.

Welcome to Health & Economics of America! I am dedicated to bringing you the most enlightening information that I can, from not only Health & Economics but to our spiritual nature and our historical background and where we are going! I created this site as a re-action to the truth movement! I was inspired to create my own perception of how I see things in the world after becoming a fan of the website http://www.HealthfreedomUSA.org

I have so many influences that its not appropriate to mention them all here but a here is a few people that I have as “role models” if you will, and their collaberation of work is what I’m going try to pass on to you, here is a short list:

Robert T Kiyosaki, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Robert A. Monroe, Kevin Trudea, Wilheim Reich, Einstein, Carl Jung, Robert Greene, Madame Blavatsky, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Micheal Beckwith, Dennis Kucinich, Robert Anthony, Ron Paul, James Redfield, Mohandas Gandhi, Micheal Tsarion, Alex Jones, Robert Anton Wilson, Zachaira Sitchen, John West, David Icke

I feel that I am doing my part, by locating this information and gathering it into one solid website I hope to give you the most of the time you are going to invest into this information! If you have idea’s I would love to hear them, this site will grow more magnificent as time goes by, thanks to people like you!

I invite you to follow me on Twitter! If you enjoy the website and the material herein I also invite you share us with your website or list (social sites)! Continue Reading for the Mission Statement.

The History & Mission of Health & Economics of America

By: Nathan J Scheer / Simranjeet Singh

Health & Economics of America has gone through several changes the last couple years, first starting out as a business venture to sell organic natural snacks through candy machines to replace High Fructose Corn Syrup candies that everyone supports!

I went out bought the machines to work the venture but I had a bigger vision of what Health & Economics of America could be (it wasn’t yet called Health & Economics of America) so I passed the Machines off for another time and started to brain storm other ideas I had!

The ideas I had were of several different natures! I had an alternative look at health and nutrition looking into what a lot of the world would call bogus mystic information, but the more that I learned about health – nutrition, spirituality – meditation, alternative history & what people call “conspiracies” I found the more that I linked all the pieces together the picture got larger and this picture connected ALL of us under this umbrella of connected information.

I see something amazing happening right now; it’s the age of consciousness! The age of consciousness has been suppressed but it’s no longer for the age of information is the age of consciousness and you are being exposed to things that in the past would have never touched your being!

It’s now here in front of you & through this constant and never ending improvement of this website I will offer new and alternative ways to see and live the world you think that is solid and real! As time works through – as it does. I will be taking Health & Economics of America off-line, doing what I can through health seminars to documentaries!

Now should this seem off? That I promote all this information in one site? I think not! True spirituality is rarely taped into and the more we find out about ourselves the more the world opens up to us… For the world is just a collection of thoughts you have about it! It’s called perception! It’s not what happens to you, what matters is how you look and re-act to it! Everything can be punishment or a lesson for something bigger! You decide how you see it and thusly from there you are in complete control of EVERYTHING in your reality – nothing is ever a bad thing!

If you want to doubt me – Go watch Gandhi, then you think about that! One man that stands un-reactive in negative ways has the power to move the world! Every single person in the world has the power to do that!

Its under the Alternative Thinking Section.

When you witness situations such as what Gandhi did, what you are watching is the human spirit, the free unwavering – no compromising spirit that we ALL have! That will rise above the ash into a being with unlimited power! At that point you will receive something so magnificent that it can only be earned by your willingness to surrender your hate and fear, and turn to a constant current of love and forgiving of oneself and those that you concurrently surround yourself with! When you do this you will find that taking that step past a lower consciousness is when you truly find, freedom! We may still be present in a situation that we are not as independent as we would like, but we can not have true independence until we have freedom over ourselves and our environment!

So to get back to it, this is what my mission statement is. I’m not here to save anyone, if you are here you are here of your own attractions and will, but what I want to get across is that we as a race of beings have been lied to for WAY to long. It’s time to regain a new perception of the world – for if we don’t we can’t see the real problems we all share. I’m offering my perception as it shines true as truth to myself – but don’t take what I say here as truth, I created this website/blog to offer the bare-bones of what I see, you take what you want as truth and discard what you wish away.

For future plans we have The Beacons of Peace Exhibition which you can view under the Miracles section! From there we have plans to influence clean hydroponic warehouses to grow clean food for communities as well as creating affordable housing sections that will directly link into the hydroponic warehouses, the best thing about this is we will create meditation communities inside these sections of housing to create a Fung Shui effect around the communities which has been scientifically proven to decrease crime and raise prosperity in the given area meditation is practiced. I know this from personal experience!

Check out Joe Vitales Meditation On-line Community & see for yourself.

Attract Miracles

Important Update As of 2011
I have attracted the Organization through Health & Economics will help market and contribute to it’s growth


Dreams do come to fruition if they are defined!

I will also be connecting with you through audio books / interviews once they are released (I will notify you through News-Letters and My Blog), Health & Economics of America will also have several different authors that run through once in awhile, we will offer to you the best of the best to give you that jump start into alternative life-thinking that is most important in this day and age!

There are pages of planned future material that I have looked into; this has been the most solid of my ideas! I worry not how I will accomplish all these goals, all I need to know is my vision, in which this site was only a vision!

Great things abound if we allow such things, otherwise our thoughts will deceive us into thinking we are victims and thus our attraction will flow!

Owner & Creator of Health & Economics of America
-Nathan J Scheer / Simranjeet Singh*

*”The Lion of God Who Attains Victory Through His Practice of Meditation”

Copyright Health & Economics of America 2008-2009-2010-2011


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