About & Mission

About Health & Economics of America and the Mission Statement

Note: Please know that this blog was first a collection of work at the site http://www.health-e-america.org, I no longer use this site for my major work as I found that blogging is so much easier to do! I also changed the website name to Simranjeet, although outside the internet I work as Health & Economics of America.

Welcome to Health & Economics of America! I am dedicated to bringing you the most enlightening information that I can, from not only Health & Economics but to our spiritual nature and our historical background and where we are going! I created this site as a re-action to the truth movement! I was inspired to create my own perception of how I see things in the world after becoming a fan of the website http://www.HealthfreedomUSA.org

I have so many influences that its not appropriate to mention them all here but a here is a few people that I have as “role models” if you will, and their collaboration of work is what I’m going try to pass on to you, here is a short list:

Robert T Kiyosaki, Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, Robert A. Monroe, Kevin Trudea, Wilheim Reich, Einstein, Carl Jung, Robert Greene, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Micheal Beckwith, Robert Anthony, Ron Paul, James Redfield, Mohandas Gandhi, Micheal Tsarion, Alex Jones, Robert Anton Wilson, John Anthony West


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