Kevin Trudeau – You Are What You Eat

Eating good quality food every single day makes a huge difference in how you feel, your energy, your sleep, your skin, and your digestion. So, a lot of people come up to me and ask, “Kevin, what should I eat? What do YOU eat?

The simplest answer is number one; always avoid high fructose corn syrup. Always avoid monosodium glutamate (MSG), which also goes by the name, hydrolyzed vegetable protein. So, if you are reading the ingredients and it has that in it, do not eat it. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, like Splenda and aspartame, also known as NutraSweet.

Another thing is I would strongly encourage you to do is stay away from conventional meat and conventional dairy products. I absolutely love beef and dairy. I encourage you to eat all the beef you want, but if you’re eating beef, if you’re eating lamb, if you’re eating chicken or turkey; you want to get beyond 100% organic. What you want is 100% grass-fed beef from That is where I purchase my beef, lamb, turkey, poultry, and other food. These animals are never injected with bovine growth hormone, never injected with antibiotics, and they walk around and roam free and they eat real wild grass like an animal should.

When you’re buying beef and poultry at the store or restaurant; the animal is given injections of bovine growth hormone, injections of antibiotics, and they’re fed a chemical-produced, genetically modified grain mixture of genetically modified corn and other grains. They are fed massive amounts of chemicals, massive amounts of drugs, and their feed has ground up dead pigs, chickens, horses, and cows that were too diseased to be eaten by humans.

Now, cattle; they’re vegetarians. They’re not supposed to be eating ground up dead pigs, horses, chickens, and other cattle. They’re also not supposed to be eating corn. They’re supposed to be eating grass.

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Yours in health…


Global Information Network – Cruise – Love Attractions

This is absolutely amazing!!

I’m blown away because I also had a very similar experience.

Which I wrote a song about which I’ll post below. But it’s funny
how things matched up so easily on the cruise, very very magical!

GIN is absolutely amazing!

Many interesting things, similar to the photo’s next to eachother
happened with myself and the gal I got to know on the cruise.

What was interesting even further is that it was predicted by
my friends wife in a tarot reading. Cool stuff. But I came back
from the Cruise and now I have attracted a lovely gal, that fits
everything I was wishing in a woman!

This woman on Cruise allowed my belief to go up that I could
find someone like this, and for that I’m grateful to her and to GIN.

Congrats you two! That’s a very magical, I’m totally excited for you
and everyone else that this happened to on the Cruise(s)!


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Kevin Trudeau to Run For Congressional Office?

I’ve heard KT talk about this before, but it’s rather exciting to think about. Ron Paul, Ran Paul and the few good men in office right beside Kevin Trudeau? I believe in essence he would push these already hero’s of the republic to an area of exposing the government that they never knew they could do before. The ENERGY and JEDI like skill Kevin has over his reality is something to behold and it will be felt in Washington. I wholeheartedly agree with his idea and encourage the effort that is being created!

To give you a glimpse of this from his own words I would recommend listening to Feb 5th radio broadcast at or better yet just use this link:

Today, Kevin reveals the real reason why everything is censored in America and what the drug companies are doing to keep you hooked on their drugs. Plus, get the truth behind crop circles and secret society rituals. Self Help: Increase Testosterone Levels Improve Your Education Further Your Training Ask And It Is Given The Only Answer To Cancer Health: McDonald’s Burger 14 Years Later Hair Growth Drug Confirmed To Have Sexual Side Effects Nestle Unveils New Health-Oriented Strategy Dad’s High Fat Diet May Cause Diabetes In Daughters Idiot Researchers Suggest Viagra For Young Boys Wealth: Top U.S. Incomes Grew to a $519 Million Average New Antidepressant Maker Has Wall Street Excited Google Using Income Shifting Techniques NWO: Juan Williams: I Was Fired For Telling The Truth

A Beautiful Soul – for Heidi by Simranjeet Singh

This was taken from the Leadership Cruise. At the same time I took this picture I invited one of the most beautiful souls to dinner on the last night of the cruise – I wish I could have got to know her earlier in the Cruise, but it was a life changing weekend, not just because of the speakers but the people I met as well. I actually wrote this piece of music my self for Heidi … it’s a little off but I’m sure only a few will catch it .

I actually had to record this without being able to hear it my CPU couldn’t do play back while recording.

BUT… I believe it came out well!



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