Global Information Network – Cruise – Love Attractions

This is absolutely amazing!!

I’m blown away because I also had a very similar experience.

Which I wrote a song about which I’ll post below. But it’s funny
how things matched up so easily on the cruise, very very magical!

GIN is absolutely amazing!

Many interesting things, similar to the photo’s next to eachother
happened with myself and the gal I got to know on the cruise.

What was interesting even further is that it was predicted by
my friends wife in a tarot reading. Cool stuff. But I came back
from the Cruise and now I have attracted a lovely gal, that fits
everything I was wishing in a woman!

This woman on Cruise allowed my belief to go up that I could
find someone like this, and for that I’m grateful to her and to GIN.

Congrats you two! That’s a very magical, I’m totally excited for you
and everyone else that this happened to on the Cruise(s)!


PS: For more information on GIN and to join for free visit


Past Life, Sin, Life Lessons & Loving Problems — Faster EFT

There are many beliefs we learn and pick up that support having our problems. When you realize that the past is over and all you have is the present, then you can understand that when you are reading this, this is where you are right now. You can recall a memory and feel it to be true, but it is in the past, not the present.

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Michael Beckwith at Mile-Hi Church in Lakewood

Michael Beckwith is a very awesome speaker, great truths. Added with a dash of humor makes these clips absolutely perfect for anyone looking into such spiritual science information.


PS: Search for Ricki Beckwith (Michael Beckwith’s wife) for her musical goodies under the enlightening section.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Tuning In – Channeling

This movie is absolutel amazing. I was sent this to me by my good friends Pete & Cathy which you can view their websites by clicking on their links on the side bar (Voice of the Prymids & Mystery Labs). I was exposed to Bashar awhile back as well as Ester and Jerry Hicks with Aberham, but it’s great to see many of these people able to do this!

What’s also amazing is that I did a Full Moon meditative re-dedication ritual to my selfless service to God and all beings and I asked a question and this video had the answer. I’m not going to share what it was, but God/The Universe had answered it quicker then I realized!

What magic huh?

Great movie, check it out!


TUNING IN is a truly unique feature-length spiritual documentary, the result of 10 years of inquiry into the phenomenon of spirit channeling by filmmaker David Thomas. Channeling is a practice dating back to antiquity wherein an individual, usually in a trance state, makes a psychic connection with a spirit being. The “channeler” is then able to act as a dimensional go-between in bringing other humans in contact with the entity, as well as interpreting messages from the entity.

For the very first time, six of America’s prominent channelers are featured in the same film in order to gain insight into the phenomenon, as well as the information being received. They are Lee Carroll–channel for Kryon, John Cali–channel for Chief Joseph, Shawn Randall–channel for Torah, Darryl Anka–channel for Bashar, Geoffrey Hoppe–channel for Tobias and Wendy Kennedy–channel for the Pleiadian Collective.

The entities coming through—each with a strong and distinct personality—were interviewed at length by the filmmaker and the result is remarkable: across space and time it appears the entities are speaking as one, delivering a clear and profound message of empowerment for humankind.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Laws of Attraction Tip – Give it Away, Get More!

A brief explanation of the word currency and how it applies to all that junk you keep saving for that “one” day you might need it! — Give what you don’t use away today to people who need and you’ll find yourself getting what you truly need right now! This is by far one of easiest steps you can start with if your on the fence about The Laws of Attraction