Darren Brown Hypnotic Super Star – How he did it –

I tried getting hypnotized once, but it didn’t work. Each and every person who wishes to be hypnotized can be hypnotized under the right conditions. Start reading Hypnotized and Humiliated on your Kindle in under a minute . That heady sound comes to define the record, lending Hypnotized a swarming, ethereal quality. You already have been hypnotized all throughout your life.

Following a standardized hypnotic induction, the hypnotized individual is given suggestions pertaining to the list below. I was hypnotized once to help me stop smoking. I’m getting a little hypnotized just trying to read your post. I guess I’m too ignorant or uneducated to be successfully hypnotized by Obama. People on stage seemed to be hypnotized and were very funny.

While plenty of people have been hypnotized in the real world, others have just pretended to be. My point is that all of the people volunteer to be hypnotized and are in the mindset of same. I still am a bit leary of people being hypnotized and if it is real. I do not plan on being hypnotized but I do agree with your meditation and breathing technique. Faux viewers are being subliminally hypnotized also by all the graphics and certain code words.

Nobody can be hypnotized against their will. I was hypnotized at a county fair once. Some people give up after a few sessions because they believe they are not hypnotized or are not suitable subjects. The hypnotized individual can remain aware of everything that is taking place. The best way to test if you can be hypnotized is to actually try it.


Inception it’s just a movie – Is it really possible…? Yes.

The concepts behind movies are created for several reasons, entertainment, profit…. and showing brief glimpse in science fiction based plots that are based on real happening events in our world be it in the past / present or future.

But could there be something more powerful going on then what we really think? The science of Neuro Lingusitic Programming for example is one area of real science that has been shown to do just that… But could people really get into your dreams?

Now either way, that’s really up for debate. But with my own findings being a Pisces III Week of the Dancers and Dreamers I find that dreams that I experience are on a similar playing field in which is described in the movie Inception. I’ve had multi leveled dreams in which times does play roles in. I’ve always embraced my knowledge of being psychic and being able to feel the energies around me so perhaps from my years of practice… Literally – sleeping upwards for days at a time back in high school. I found I could roam and create worlds I could return to and I could also store what I wanted in these dreams.

So what does that have to do with Inception the movie? and what am I talking about..? Well lets just take out the area that others are in my dreams literally like in the movie – and instead lets take in the fact of global consciousness and highly directed NLP science and advertising into effect.

So lets go down the check list.. What type of global consciousness am I talking about… I’m talking about the scientific study that was later called the 100th monkey syndrome. Please take the time to listen to this quick reference on it to understand more.

You’d find it interesting that Alexander Grambell had created the telephone and patented it HOURS before another individual with the same idea did! Same thing with the record player across seas. This energy is REAL… there’s no doubting this.

Now the next part of this is the Advertising… Now I’d like to share a video with Darren Brown one of the foremost experts in the field of NLP and hypnosis. This subtle video will show how observant our subconscious minds are to symbols and idea’s.

Now to take this through my idea’s and experiences with this I will start from the top.

Almost a year or so ago I started to pick up dreams in which mostly Fast Food restaurants we’re showing up in my dreams. Particularly McDonalds… Now, perhaps you’d say everyone eats there it happens. No I have not eaten from this place since I was a freshmen in high school so more then 10 years ago. There is no addiction drawing me back, and the same with the other restaurants I will speak of.

What I found interesting as time went on I found that afterward I would notice
large ad campaign launches from these corporations. Now.. Also I do not watch TV I rarely read a main stream piece of news or magazine but I end up running into them and frequently.

The most outstanding occurrences of this was with McDonald’s, Good Times, Target but the one that stood out the most was a dream in which I was ordering a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. I would later find out not a day or so later that it was the “Blizzards” 50th birthday – and around this time was when they started to change their DQ sign, they applied the Saturn rings around their symbol to symbolize – The APEX of Capricorn the Zodiac sign seen on many many corporation logo’s . Now perhaps it’s pure psychic pick up of my own accord… maybe.

But from what I know about symbolism and advertising along with energetic fields I personally think not. I believe that many people have these dreams and before hand some how through subtle advertising that effects the subconscious creates similar effects through the 100th monkey syndrome to the rest of human global consciousness and soon after this takes hold it creates the hi-jacking of ones dreams and this takes place in most I believe without their awareness… literally creating the “inception”

This is where I believe one can start to train just like in the movie to be aware of these “inceptions” – Now perhaps you ask how can I do that? Well let me show you a picture.

There is a subliminal message inside this picture. Perhaps you’ve seen this before and can already plain as day see what inside this picture. But if you have not… “Inception” believe it or not has already taken place inside your subconscious mind. Now for those who do not see it and the statistics say only about %5 notice it right away so don’t feel bad if you don’t see it.

In between the gaps of the flowers near the bottom near the ground in the picture you’ll notice something. If you still have not figured it out. Try taking your finger and spelling out the letters within this picture. You’ll notice it spellsĀ  S E X – X ending just right above where the bubble bee is at near the bottom right.

Now… if you we’re to take this picture print it out and hide it away for months then look at it again.. You will notice the subliminal right away. This is the same idea of protecting yourself against certain manipulations in our environment and perhaps our minds while we dream. By being aware that it is possible and by noticing how you feel after witnessing advertising or movies – you’ll be on your way to truly defending yourself against these implanted ideas.

Symbols are power. If you have not – I’d recommend watching my Dream Board Sigil video and you’ll learn a little bit more how to make this work FOR YOU in positive way!

Don’t take movies for granted great truths hide right in front of your face with out you ever knowing… and that is where the true power lies.

Take care

Tony Robbins Breakthrough Episode #1

Discover the greatness that Mr. Robbins has been spreading to the world for over 30 years. Here is his NEW television series Breakthrough. As you watch this you’ll be amazed how such a problem as this couple has faced could turn out to be so miraculous and inspiring. Tony Robbins has again shown that you can push out of your rut and move on to be who you want and desire to be. NO MATTER WHAT the situation holds. Your dreams can always come true… You can have, be or do anything you want in life.


Subliminals: We Sell You Sex All Day Long

I’m bringing a couple pictures over from the forward e-mail about the “failure” pictures. There we’re a couple in there that made me go ahead and write a small article about it, really more so show you a couple pictures then show you on your way to a video that will explain even further about why this crap is everywhere!

Enjoy.. I guess?

A collection of various subliminal messages from, images, commercials and music. Subliminal messages are every where. Subliminal messages were made illegal in 1973 but these laws have not stopped big companies from advertising hidden messages in text, images, verbally or just plain blatantly.

Subliminal messages effect your subconscious mind and can encourage different types of behaviour. Scientists have not suggested subliminal messages as being a dangerous form of advertising but the implications subliminal messages can cause vary on the personal mental state of each individual that are exposed to them.

Subliminal messages can be used for a variety of reasons, advertising companies use them to encourage people to buy their product, military use them to interrogate suspected terrorists, the media uses them to condition our minds, movies and logos use them to build suspense and to identify their company as one.

Musicians use them for either a joke or satanic ritual. What ever the reasons and in what ever medium they are inserted into the reality of subliminal messaging varies depending on the intentions the suspected company etc are using this technique for.

Subliminal messaging is a form of mind control.