Kevin Trudeau to Run For Congressional Office?

I’ve heard KT talk about this before, but it’s rather exciting to think about. Ron Paul, Ran Paul and the few good men in office right beside Kevin Trudeau? I believe in essence he would push these already hero’s of the republic to an area of exposing the government that they never knew they could do before. The ENERGY and JEDI like skill Kevin has over his reality is something to behold and it will be felt in Washington. I wholeheartedly agree with his idea and encourage the effort that is being created!

To give you a glimpse of this from his own words I would recommend listening to Feb 5th radio broadcast at or better yet just use this link:

Today, Kevin reveals the real reason why everything is censored in America and what the drug companies are doing to keep you hooked on their drugs. Plus, get the truth behind crop circles and secret society rituals. Self Help: Increase Testosterone Levels Improve Your Education Further Your Training Ask And It Is Given The Only Answer To Cancer Health: McDonald’s Burger 14 Years Later Hair Growth Drug Confirmed To Have Sexual Side Effects Nestle Unveils New Health-Oriented Strategy Dad’s High Fat Diet May Cause Diabetes In Daughters Idiot Researchers Suggest Viagra For Young Boys Wealth: Top U.S. Incomes Grew to a $519 Million Average New Antidepressant Maker Has Wall Street Excited Google Using Income Shifting Techniques NWO: Juan Williams: I Was Fired For Telling The Truth


Ask businesses in Lakewood to Turn Off Fox News

More than 200,000 people have joined the Turn Off Fox campaign, and there are more than 6,000 reports of public places playing Fox News. The next step in our campaign is to call those businesses on behalf of our membership and ask them to stop.

Can you take a moment to call a business in or near Lakewood? It’s easy. When you click below you’ll get the name of the business and the phone number, along with a script you can read. Just click below to get started:


Most of the places that we now know are playing Fox News haven’t yet been asked to stop playing it. And of those who have been approached, many haven’t been asked by multiple people and potential customers from their town.

Your phone call can help to change that, delivering the message — along with others near you — that everyday folks from your community have had enough of Fox News’ dangerous and divisive rhetoric.

Please take a moment to call on businesses near you to turn off Fox News. It’ll won’t take much time, and it could help make a big difference.

Thanks and Peace,

— James, Becky and the rest of the TurnOffFox team
October 21st, 2010

Congress: Don’t cave to Sarah Palin. Stand up for NPR!

National Public Radio recently fired Juan Williams after he appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show on FOX News and made some controversial remarks.

Clicking here will add your name to this petition to Congress:

“Stand up to Sarah Palin and the right-wing noise machine. Fully fund NPR and defend public service media.”

Now, Sarah Palin and other professional right-wing demagogues are exploiting this issue as an excuse to push Congress to defund NPR, which is something conservatives have wanted for decades.

Whatever you think about the Juan Williams controversy, we cannot allow the right wing to dictate public policy by throwing a fit. And we cannot allow Congress to lie down when confronted with hypocritical, fake outrage from the Right.

Tell Congress: Don’t cave to Sarah Palin. Stand up for NPR! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

For years, NPR has allowed Juan Williams and Mara Liasson to accept payment for appearing on FOX News while maintaining their roles as journalists with NPR. We’ve long believed it was inappropriate for NPR journalists to accept payment from a clearly partisan propaganda organ such as FOX News. And we still believe that NPR should have policies that prevent its journalists from accepting paid positions from FOX, the Republican Party, Tea Party groups and other organizations within the right-wing noise machine.

Sarah Palin and others like her are cynically using the controversy over Juan Williams’ remarks and his subsequent firing as a pretext to push for a longstanding goal.

It’s been said that NPR receives 98% of its funding from non-government sources. But that’s highly misleading. The government — through the Center for Public Broadcasting — provides a significant source of funding for NPR and NPR member stations, which is part of what allows NPR to present news that hasn’t degenerated into the infotainment we regularly get from most of the corporate media.

And the right wing is not just talking about taking away funding from NPR. Sen. Jim DeMint is reportedly introducing a bill that would zero out funding for ALL public broadcasting, including NPR, PBS, Pacifica and more. So governmental defunding could not only destroy NPR as we know it, but also deal a significant blow to the entire public interest media sector.

Time after time, the right-wing noise machine creates an echo chamber of reprobation and consternation that prompts weak-kneed Democrats to fold faster than you can say, “FOX News isn’t really news.”

It happened with ACORN. It happened with Van Jones. It happened with Shirley Sherrod. We can’t let Sarah Palin and the right wing bully Democrats into selling out such an important part of our media landscape.

Tell Congress: Don’t cave to Sarah Palin. Stand up for NPR! Click here to automatically sign the petition.

Thank you for working for a better world.

Help NPR Beat Fox News

This Sunday, the White House Correspondents Association will decide which news organization will be awarded the seat recently vacated by Helen Thomas. The news organizations most actively vying for the seat are FOX, NPR and Bloomberg News.

Tell the White House Correspondents Association: Give the best seat in the briefing room to NPR, not FOX >

FOX News is a right-wing propaganda outlet, not a legitimate news agency.

In recent weeks the network has turned the volume up on its race-baiting political agenda. The media assault on falsely accused Department of Agriculture official Shirley Sherrod is just a latest in a series of racist and politically motivated attacks on targets like Van Jones, ACORN, and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

It’s bad enough that we have to endure the constant smear campaigns and appeals to racial paranoia from FOX. We can’t let them have the legitimacy conferred by having the best seat in the White House press briefing room.

Click here to add your name to our petition, in partnership with CREDO Action, demanding that a representative of a legitimate news agency get Helen Thomas’ White House briefing room seat, not a right-wing partisan from FOX.

NPR has had a full time White House correspondent since the 1970s. The public radio network regularly reaches 27 million listeners with its news programming.

The Board of the White House Correspondents Association will make its final decision during its upcoming board meeting on Sunday, August 1. So it’s urgent that we take action on behalf of NPR now.

Tell the White House Correspondents Association: NPR deserves to be in the front row, FOX does not.

Thank you for taking action,

– The team in partnership with CREDO Action