Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens – Patriots or Terrorist… A Citizen Tells All.

Anti-Government Sovereign Citizens – Patriots or Terrorist… A Citizen Tells All.
By: Nathan Scheer

Below this comment you will find a very interesting yet very ill report of what a “Sovereign Citizen” really is. This is a classic example of how media is used to twist the truth, they will take one wing nut that takes shit way to far and throw it on everyone who wishing to have more transparency in Government more control over what is voted on, and more of a voice in congress.

When you have a situation like we do in government there will be patriots who stand up and say no, those who take that precious document the Constitution seriously and will defend it at all cost. I fully support those who have taken themselves all the way through the court system to defend their right to NOT have to pay taxes!

This is their constitutional right not to! The 13th amendment was never ratified … Remember?

Either way, this is just another attack on people who are professional at standing up for whats right, and blowing the whistle on the situation at hand. To label Patriots as home grown terrorist is a weak attack and will clearly be blown out of the water yet again, their symantical games will only get them so far, and will only really effect those who are mindless zombies to the media game.

Those individuals powers are much weaker then those who wake up to their own universal power and stand up for whats right. One person can make a difference. In this case, I do not support Kane below, his arguments come from lack and limitation, from fear! The people I talk about are those who come from a place in their heart, a place of authentic originality and place of caring and love.

So be it, that by the media’s symantics I would be called a home grown terrorist as well.. But really it is those like Obama who is serving as President illegally, and many Congressional men and woman who have nothing but Big Pharma, Big Agrabiz, Big Medica and the like’s interest at hand.

A Sovereign Citizen in my eye’s as long as they are acting professional and resisting the systems push with love and strength in their heart are a group of people that are more so Patriots even then those who blindly serve in the military and risk their lives. A big claim, but when you have a family such as the Rothchilds creating war and playing two sides from the middle… a WORLD not so not a country needs people all over the world to become a Sovereign Citizen and stand up and say “Enough is a Enough!”.

The only way a true revolution will take place is if these individuals continue to support each other in peacefully resisting tyranny!

With that said I would strongly suggest watching David Icke’s newest documentary “The Lion Sleeps no More” by clicking HERE

Sovereign Citizens: Anti-Government Group Files Liens, Some Embrace Violence

The FBI considers them one of the nation’s top domestic terror threats. Their members include cop killers and a convicted Oklahoma City bomber. They call themselves “sovereign citizens,” and have taken various measures to fight the U.S. government. But now, the government is fighting back.

Sovereign citizens are a loosely organized group of people who claim they are not subject to government laws. Estimates suggest there are as many as 300,000 sovereign citizens in the U.S. Sovereign citizens have been known to oppose taxes, file liens against public officials, sign documents with a red thumbprint, and use homemade license plates.

Some sovereign citizens focus on the role of government, a relatable, much-debated issue in the U.S. Alfred Adask told “60 Minutes,””I think the government has gone far beyond its Constitutional limits.” The problem is where they draw the line. Adask once said, “We have the right to keep and bear arms in order to shoot our own politicians.” The violence used by some sovereign citizens is cause for serious concern.

“60 Minutes” recently reported on Jerry Kane Jr. and his 16-year-old son, Joe. A divorced, out-of-work truck driver, Kane and his son began pushing a debt reduction scam around the country. At one seminar, Kane spoke out against members of authority, saying, “I don’t want to have to kill anybody. But if they keep messing with me, that’s what it’s going to have to come out, that’s what it’s going to come down to is I’m gonna have to kill. And if I have to kill one, then I’m not going to be able to stop.”

On May 20, 2010, Kane and his son were pulled over on a highway by police officers. A dashboard camera shows that his son then shot and killed both officers. “60 Minutes” reports that the men were hit with a collective 25 bullets. One of the dead officers was Sgt. Brandon Paudert, West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert’s son.

Following his son’s death, Chief Paudert has become fixated on sovereign citizens. Paudert told “60 Minutes” correspondent Byron Pitts, “They’re willing to die for what they believe in. These international terrorists that bombed the twin towers, they were willing to die for their beliefs. The sovereign citizens, the Kanes, are the exact same thing.” Since the shooting, Paudert has traveled the country, educating law enforcement officers on sovereign citizens.

Some actions are now being taken against sovereign citizens. The News Virginian reports that sovereign citizen Michael Creath Jones, 31, was arrested and charged with five misdemeanors last week after a state police officer pulled the man over for having a fake painted license plate. Jones allegedly locked his doors, refused to identify himself, and later resisted arrest.

Also last week, a sovereign citizen was sentenced to 21 months in prison after filing hundreds of financial liens against government officials, The Associated Press reports. Ed George Parenteau, 53, said he was trying to fight municipal corruption, but apologized and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

The act of filing liens against government officials as retribution has been dubbed “paper terrorism,” which can ruin a target’s credit, reports “60 Minutes.” Robert Vosper, a small-town justice reports, “I have liens against me in three states in this country for a half a billion dollars.”

Whether it’s paper or physical attacks, “60 Minutes” reports that there has been a noticed increase in sovereign citizen-related violence against police and judges. In light of recent arrests and the actions of men like Chief Paudert, it seems the targets may now be fighting back.


DOJ Urges Citizens to Report ‘Extremists’ Handing Out Literature – You’ll Be Labeled a Terrorist Threat

Click picture to download the document

‘If you posted an Obama Joker poster or Tea Party literature on a public bulletin board, the Justice Department is warning you are a possible terrorist.

According to a hand-out distributed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, a component of the Justice Department, “extremist literature distributed at the mall or posted on public bulletin boards” is suspicious and a potential indicator of terrorist activities.

In other words, anybody who posted an poster near a mall should be reported to the authorities as a possible domestic terrorist.’

Read more: DOJ Urges Citizens to Report ‘Extremists’ Handing Out Literature

Stop Indiana Democrat Funded By Islamist Terrorist Group

Stop Indiana Democrat Funded By Islamist Terrorist Group
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Running in his home Indiana 7th Congressional district, Dr. Scott will replace one of the most radical liberal, socialist members of the U.S. House.   André Carson is one of only two Muslim members of Congress championing Islam, the Ground Zero Mosque and Sharia law in America!   He is a close friend of Louis Farrakhan — an extremist black Muslim who spews vile racial hatred and virulent anti-Semitism whenever he gets the chance.

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It was André Carson who shamefully lied to smear Tea Party activists, by falsely claiming he heard the “N” word 15 times at a Washington, DC gathering!   Until video and countless eyewitness accounts proved him wrong, he sought to brand conservatives not only as racists, but as a terrorist threat to the nation!

When hard-working, tax-paying, Constitution-upholding Americans “throw the bums out” for a long overdue cleaning of the U.S. Congress, Rep. André Carson should be at the head of the list!

And now, with your help, Dr. Marvin Scott intends to give the “bums’ rush” to this most notorious incumbent, who should be swept out of office at once — not least of all because André Carson’s benefactors include special-interest Muslim associates with proven ties to Islamist terrorist groups.

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  • Earned a “0” from the American Conservative Union with one of the most radical voting records imaginable!
  • Earned a “100” from Planned Parenthood and NARAL as an advocate of unlimited abortion on demand.
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