Healing Devices that Kick Ass!

Amazing Technology that Heals + a Psychic Comments

Carl Surfman Walk in Bath TubsSo I just got to meet up with a guy name Carl Surfman, he’s a specialist in walk in bath tubs believe it or not and although, I usually never get exposed to this type of stuff I wanted to see what he had to say when I was hanging out with him at this convention last weekend. He told me that people and their cleanliness is a primary factor that keeps people from aging too quickly. He said that the elderly that do not bathe as often are the ones that end up in hospice much quicker next to those who get to bathe themselves.

He differed between those that could bathe themselves by themselves and those that needed help. It was a huge difference. He said that it’s such a simple device a walkin tub or walkin shower, that the baby boomers that are coming through now days really need to take care of themselves as long as they can without assistance. He said that in the end it saves families upwards of $100,000+ depending on the care needed over the life time of the elderly individual. But the more they can be clean and proud of themselves, the more they see the value of life. It’s right then when a person of age decides to die, it’s when they see no value in life anymore and sadly many of us have seen that.

My friend Ingrid Khadijah a Psychic in Denver ColoradoIt was fun listening to these ideas on how we create our life through the value we give each and every day and how we interact with it. I was also accompanied by a friend in the psychic business – Ingrid Khadijah. She moved not too long ago, she came here to be a Denver psychic reader, but she was with me because there are some amazing healing devices coming out every single day and a lot of them go to die at these home conventions, we like to find them before they head the way of the dinosaur.

But she was talking about how she sometimes will have people come to her and talk about worth in their life, and many times she has felt that they need to “clean” physically at times to “clean” emotionally and to remove this dark black energy around how they perceive the world. It’s amazing how absolutely crucial being able to clean yourself really is to people, especially at the end of their life. The more I go through this healing space the more I’m amazed at what is possible to totally change a persons life for years and years to come.

All this benefit by simply being able to clean yourself…



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